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Scaffolds are support structures used in tissue engineering to provide the three-dimensional growth of cells in an organized way.They are often critical, both in vitro and in vivo, as they serve some of the following purposes [1–4]: allow cell attachment, proliferation, and differentiation, deliver and retain cells and growth factors, enable diffusion of cell nutrients and oxygen, and enable an appropriate mechanical and biological environment for organized tissue regeneration.

As a consequence, the biocompatibility characteristics of the initial material can be altered during its fabrication process.These methods include Solvent casting/salt leaching, Phase separation, Gas Foaming freeze drying, among others.Despite being possible to control the pore size and shape by changing the process parameters, the interconnectivity and spatial distribution of the pores are still very poor.It is a highly reproducible and low-cost system enabling the controlled definition of pores into the scaffold to modulate mechanical strength and molecular diffusion, as well the fabrication of multimaterial scaffolds.It comprises two different deposition systems: one rotational system for multimaterial deposition acted by a pneumatic mechanism and another one for a single material deposition that uses a screw to assist the deposition process (Figure 1).

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