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You wonder whether you're going through a phase, or whether something is really not working, or if it's just another hill."Bullock has also dated a few of her co-stars, admitting to in 2003 that movie sets are "breeding grounds for that kind of stuff, so you just have to have a good set of rules going into it." (No.

1: stay away from the co-stars who are in relationships.)"It's the greatest dating service on the planet," she said.

They also have to have a wicked sense of humor, and I have to feel challenged.

We both know why it happened." "Everybody has one that is apart from all the rest... It's always something that'll be taken care of and I respect it, and I protect that more than anything, and I won't let anybody cheapen it.

He brought out everything in me that was good, that was bad, that was suppressed," she told Barbara Walters in 1996, explaining how she had always held people at arm's length prior to dating Donovan. And knowing him was the greatest gift to myself and to my personality—and to my work, in sort of opening the door."The actress shot down Walters' suggestion that perhaps it was her fame surpassing Donovan's that helped bring about the end. Because two good, honest people, just because it doesn't work doesn't mean they can't stay friends..doesn't make anybody the bad guy.

I mean, could they have tossed out one ronin or thrown in an extra one, and then they could call it something else instead of saying it’s an adaptation of the classic story of bushido in action, except with dragons, zombies (? July 3, 2013 at am (The Movie I'm not Seeing this Weekend) (I hate Disney, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves is a wooden actor, The Lone Ranger) Sure, the new Lone Ranger flick has tons of explosions and revenge and justice and train-fight sequences, but you know what else it has? At least, not anymore, because that last conversation really hurt his feelings.

So, to answer your question: You’re probably not dating Keanu Reeves.

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